We regularly run workshops for project teams in both academic and corporate settings who wish to incorporate more support for psychological wellbeing into their technology projects.

Who is the workshop for?

Teams interested in taking their understanding of wellbeing technology to the next level. These groups are usually, either already involved in developing technologies/services for wellbeing or are interested in incorporating positive computing into their existing products or design processes.  Groups typically consist of any combination of designers, developers, psychologists, physical and mental health professionals, managers, researchers and others.

At our workshop, participants:

  • Learn ways technology use can impact wellbeing at various levels of granularity
  • Sample a variety of technologies deliberately designed to promote wellbeing 
  • Consider the user experience from the perspective of 6 core components of wellbeing: competence, autonomy, meaning, positive emotions, engagement, and resilience.
  • Learn about core psychological theories of wellbeing and how they can be applied to technology design and evaluation.
  • Develop new insights and concrete design ideas supporting wellbeing through tech innovation, both generally and specifically for their projects.

Get in touch

If you're interested in learning more about our workshops or hosting one at your organization, get in touch with Rafa at rafael.calvo (at)