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Wellbeing framing 

Wellbeing framing involves introducing wellbeing psychology concepts into the ideation phase in order to help the team focus ideation on the root psychological causes of user obstacles and to brainstorm solutions that are tailored to support digital wellbeing.

Methods & Tools

  • Wellbeing Determinant Cards - This set of cards contains various causes of, or contributors to, wellbeing (i.e. autonomy, compassion, engagement, etc.). These are constructs that have been shown by research to increase wellbeing. The cards contain quick definitions, tech examples and pointers to the research-base. They can be used at workshops to upskill teams in wellbeing psychology concepts and to spark creative thinking and wellbeing-supportive innovations.

 Ethics framing

Ethical framing involves introducing ethics concepts into the ideation phase in order to sensitise the team to ethical tensions that may arise in the context.

Methods & Tools

  • Ethics Cards - a card sorting tool created by Philip Hesketh, designed to help guide teams through ethical considerations that might arise during a sensitive project. 
  • MethodKit - Collaboration card deck company that produces a number of card decks that can help a team focus in on particular ethical issues for example around gender equality and privileges and norms, which may be especially helpful in some projects.
  • Normative Design Scheme - A quick dive into a basis for ethical decision-making based on the three most common theories of ethical action. Created by Jet Gispen.

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