Technology to Foster Wellbeing in Schools - Roundtable

An open roundtable entitled 'Positive Computing - Technology to Foster Psychological Wellbeing in Schools" will be one of a number of interactive sessions and talks forming the annual Learning Technology Research Fest in this Novermber.  Registration is free, so if you're in the Sydney area, don't miss out.

Session description:
Imagine a social media tool designed to prevent cyberbullying or to foster empathy? What if learning technologies considered impact to student wellbeing as part of their design? We're seeing an important shift in the focus of modern technologies, in which multidisciplinary efforts to support human psychological wellbeing are helping to shape how we design for digital experience. The new field of "Positive Computing" refers to the design and development of technology to support wellbeing and human potential. At the intersection of EdTech and positive computing we could see technology designed to help foster resilience, socio-emotional intelligence and other elements of personal development in schools. This could be in the form of dedicated computer-based programs, but also in changes to the way standard technologies like social media are designed. Join Felicia Huppert of the Cambridge Wellbeing Institute, Sarah Jackson of the Inspire Foundation, and Rafael Calvo and Dorian Peters, authors of the forthcoming book Positive Computing, in an open discussion on how technology might better support wellbeing in our schools.