OzCHI workshop: Social technologies for health and wellbeing

This workshop seems most appropriate for the community around this blog. If you are looking for an excuse to come to Australia, this is the right one!

Social Technologies for health and well-being

Greg Wadley, Bernd Ploderer, Frank Vetere (The University of Melbourne) and Margot Brereton  (Queensland University of Technology)
to be held on Monday 25th November 2013 
as part of OzChi 2013
deadline for position papers: 11th October 25th October

"New information and communication technologies have the potential to improve health outcomes for a broad range of people. The design of technology to support health and wellbeing has become a major focus for HCI. Recently health became a featured community at CHI, and a new CRC for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing began operation in Australia. This workshop will focus on technologies for health that afford social interaction. For brevity we are calling these 'social therapies'."