UX4good - Designing for positive change

Design for Positive Computing is a challenge. Luckily there are a myriad of people already thinking about these issues. Meet UX4Good.
As Jason Ulaszek says: "We do not have keynote speakers, presentations, etc. It's invite only. It's a roll up your sleeves and work together to tackle social challenges type of an event."

or from their site:
"UX for Good is a wildly ambitious effort to design systemic solutions for some of the most vexing social challenges. Top user experience designers convene to tackle problems that matter in the only design event of its kind. Assisting the designers are leading philanthropic change makers and some of the most interesting, creative thinkers we can find."

Last year they had 50 designers tackling 5 social challenges, backed by 5 non-profits over 2 days.
This year they are bringing together a team of user experience designers to help the music industry in New Orleans. Great work.